Budget Prep

Aempower Budget provides an efficient means of preparing, submitting, and approving an organization’s budget. Operating within a secure, web-enabled environment, it streamlines many aspects of the budget preparation process. For example, Aempower Budget implements automatic budget generation from supporting schedules. Analysts project detailed operating costs, which are then loaded into Aempower Budget. The system automatically rolls costs up to the budget line level during budget generation giving Aempower Budget a flexible, yet powerful means for producing a complete audit trail of budget line items.


  • Flexible budget structures that support appropriations, expense and revenue budgets
  • Ability to create “what-if” scenarios and multiple working versions of a budget
  • Budget line items automatically generated from supporting schedules
  • Capability to “drill down” on a specific budget line item to view all supporting detail, including position information
  • Access to a specific version of a budget controlled by role and budget phase
  • Shared costs automatically allocated across multiple organizations
  • Fund mapping links anticipated revenues to projected expenses at multiple levels
  • Means for locking a budget once finalized
  • Flexible, online .pdf reports, including generation of Budget Book