Aeris Enterprises, Inc. was formed in 1998 as an IT consultancy specializing in the areas of full-scale project implementation, custom IT analysis and design, and ERP integration. Since inception, we have built a solid reputation for implementing consistent, high quality, timely deliverables.

Full-Scale Project Implementation


Whether installing the Aempower Suite® or rolling out a custom web-based application, we team with our clients throughout all phases of the software implementation lifecycle. From Preliminary Analysis, through Design, Development, Training, and finally the Implementation phase, we work closely with our clients to realize project objectives. Since each phase builds on the quality and timeliness of the prior phase, all phases are equally important to us, and the project’s success. And, from the very beginning of the project, we take into account the eventual transition of the project to client ownership. To this end, we train clients throughout the life of the project-building the appropriate skills and knowledge that will enable them to maintain and upgrade their own system.

Custom IT Analysis and Design


While we focus primarily on ERP-based IT projects, our experience lends itself towards custom projects as well. With an average of 20 years each in project experience, our principals have the perspective to look at our clients’ business as a whole and work with them to arrive at the best overall solution. If this requires IT customization, Aeris is well versed in designing, developing, and implementing custom systems. From data warehouses to web-enabled ERP extensions, we have the experience in delivering new IT functionality to meet our client’s specific business needs.

ERP Integration


Any new technology solution also has to take into account the existing environment. Rarely does a new system stand on its’ own. At Aeris, we understand the need to deliver an end-to-end solution, not just a new piece of technology. We start by analyzing existing IT processes, which can span multiple systems and platforms. Only after we understand the whole picture can we work to integrate a new system. Integration is achieved by an intelligent use of both new and old technologies, applying incremental changes as the situation dictates.

The success of an IT project depends on many variables — budget, timely delivery, functional usability, and client satisfaction. Most important, a newly implemented system must be robust, and able to deliver accurate results, while efficiently processing production volumes. We understand that a balance must be struck across all project variables. And, Aeris works diligently with our clients to ensure this balance is met, while retaining a level of flexibility to adapt to new obstacles and challenges. We’ll team with you to make it happen. Your success is our success.